Go it Alone or Bring a Teammate

​The Set-up: Divide the team into two equal groups (red and white). The first Red player starts with the ball and can score in the goal diagonally across from his/her line, but must be in the shooting zone for a goal to count. 

The Game: The first red player attacks the diagonal goal with the dribble. Once he/she touches the ball, the first white player moves out to defend. Red can continue to attack 1v1, but if white recovers quickly, red can turn and play back to a teammate, creating a 2v1. In the 2v1, Red can score in either goal. 

Note: the coaches should position themselves as in the diagram. One coach can enforce the off-sides law in the 2v1 situation, the other can serve as a target for the white defender to play into when he/she wins the ball. 


  •     Attacking at speed with the dribble
  •     Sealing the defender off with the dribble (get across his/her body)
  •     Recovery runs
  •     Decision making
  •     2v1 Attacking
  •     1v2 Defending

Rotation: Switch roles after 4 minutes. Allow each team to attack and defend twice.


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