Horst Wein 3 v 3 to 4 Goals

​The Set-Up: (as pictured).  Field should be app. 25 x 25 yards with four 3 yard gates as goals.

The Game: 3v3 to 4 goals.

The red attacks the yellow gates, the whites the red.  When white wins the ball red should quickly make sure their gates (red) are defended.   The coach can put various restrictions on the game:

  •     Dribble the gates
  •     Pass through the goal (make the gates a bit smaller)
  •     You score you get to keep the  ball (encourages the defenders to work hard)

Focus: Creating 2 v 1 situations.  Recognize which goal is being defended with greater numbers and attack the other goal.  Speed of play and transition will be important components to this exercise.

Note: This is a very demanding game physically.  It makes sense to have 3rd team of three ready to come on (play 2 games/rest a game) or have a 4th player per team that rotates in every time a goal is scored.


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