Three Team Game

​The Game: Two teams of four play vs. each other on the field with an additional four players playing as additional flank players.  They play the ball back to the team that played them the ball.  Flank players should be one touch, two touch for younger players.  Flank players should move up and down the line to give good angles of support, but they cannot enter the field of play.


  •     If red scores, white sprints off, red gets the ball and begins to attack the goal they were just defending.
  •     Grey must quickly get onto the field, get pressure to the ball, and organized defensively.  They would now be defending the goal red had previously defended.
  •     Winner stays on!


  •     If you have 15 field players, play 5 vs. 5 plus 1 in the middle with four flank players.
  •     If you have 9 field players play 3 vs. 3 with 3 players on the outside, 2 on one side 1 on the other.

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