Possession warm up in 4’s 

Possesion in 4 groups of 4

1 ball between 4, working on two touch with the right foot for 3 minutes, then switch to left foot for 3 minutes.always look at creating space and movement off the ball creating angles.

Progress to variations one touch and move and then keep ups as a 4 no bounce and headers.

Progression 1

Session progresses to the 4 groups now playing on half the area each.
This encourages the players to be aware of playing through bodies and creating passin lanes short and long.

Each group still only plays with the same 4 players so 4 balls on the go, one per group.

Progression 2

All 4 groups still can only play to their own group but may now use the whole area. short and long.

This really does encourage the players to challenge their awareness and decision making in pass selection and application


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