Fitness Drill: Relay Sprinting

  1. Groups of four players starting at cone 1.
  2. On whistle, the first player sprints to cone 2, touches the ground in front of cone with one hand,     sprints back to cone 1, turns and sprints to cone 3, touches ground, back to 1, sprint to cone 4,     back to 1, to cone 5 and back.  Then the next runner repeats. 3.  
  3. Team with all runners completing sprints first wins.

Coaching Points/Progression 

Competitive players will take liberties (cheat) in a couple of ways:    

  1. they will touch the ground too far away from the cone and turn too soon.    
  2. the runner waiting will start sprinting before the previous runner has gotten back  past cone 1. 

Penalize players turning too soon by asking them to sprint to the same cone again.  Ask players to tag the waiting player before they can run. Explain the rules before the drill starts. 

Challenge players to more sprints by increasing the distance between cones or adding cones. 

Reduce the challenge for younger players by removing a cone


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