Fitness Drill: Sprint – Pass –  Turn – Sprint – Pass

  1. X1 passes to cone (a) and O sprints to cone (a). 
  2. Ball and O arrive at the same time and O one-touch passes the ball back to X1. 
  3. After pass to X1, O turns and sprints to cone (b) to which X2 has passed a ball. 
  4. O one touch passes back to X2, turns and sprints to cone (a). 

O goes back and forth for 2 minutes  – then rotate players. 3 sets each.
Coaching Points/Progression 

The critical success factor is that the players at the cones passing to the runners time the pace of their passes perfectly. Perfection means that they quickly learn to pass with a pace that forces the runner to sprint as fast as they can but still make it possible for the runner to arrive at the cone at the same time as the ball, the ball almost coming to a natural stop.  This will then set up the opportunity for the runner to play an accurate one touch pass back to the player waiting at the cone. 

If the service to the runner is too hard or off target, then they will not get it back to the server and the drill will break down. 

If two minutes are too challenging for the sprinters, reduce the interval but not below 60 seconds.


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