Warm-up: Dribble and Pass

  1. ​One ball for every two players. Players dribble ball around field and pass the ball to a player     who must ask for it. 
  2. Runner’s stretch (2×30 seconds on each side) 
  3. Each player with a ball. Put a bench or a flex net at either end of the field. If in a gym,     use the walls. Position the coach (or a player) between the benches/nets/wall. Players score     a point by playing ball off alternating benches/nets/ wall.  The person in the middle tries to     prevent players from scoring points. 
  4. Quad stretch. 
  5. All players except 3 have a ball. Players with a ball dribble freely. On coach’s command (whistle),     players step on the ball and sprint to another ball. Players without ball now try to win a ball.     Keep repeating
  6. 6. Hamstring stretch. 
  7. Divide the field in two halves using benches or other obstacles in the middle. Divide team     evenly into both halves of the field and give a ball to each player in one of the halves. Players     now chip balls across obstacles into the other halves. On coach’s command, the play stops. The team with the fewest balls in it’s half wins.
  8. Heel stretch.

Coaching Points/Progression 

Step 1:  The ball needs to move all the time. If players hold on too long and dribble more than              they pass, stop the drill and ask them to look up while dribbling and focus on the vocal              signals from others to receive a pass. Players without ball must ask for a pass from a              specific player. 

Step 3: Set up a field for every 4-6 attackers.  The defender needs to select one attacker at a time              to block. Ideally the player in the middle would be a defender or midfielder.  Attackers need              to find the space to dribble by defender and strike target. Field should be ~ 10m x 5m. 

Step 5: Encourage players to use the entire space available.  They need to keep their head up to             avoid bumping into others and to see free spaces.  Ask them to increase dribbling speed.             Players without ball need to select a target player to stay close to so they can retrieve  a             ball. Players stepping on ball must bring it to a complete, “dead” stop. No rolling. 

Step 7:  The key is to receive a ball and play back as fast as possible. Players must “read” the flight              of the ball and get in position to receive it. Perception and decision making are trained.


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