Defending Small Sided Game 

EXPANDED ACTIVITY (Full Width by 75 yds. Long, big goal to 2 counter goals)-8v8+ GK 

  • Attacking team (defending big goal) line up in a 1-4-3-1 
  • Defending team (defending counter goals) line up in a 2-2-3-1
  • Confrontation line is about 30 yds. Away from large goal
  • Attacking team tries to build out of the back
  • Defending team gets organized to Press and  High Pressure
  • Purpose is to win the ball collectively and create scoring chances by countering quickly


  • Specific  emphasis is on the organized effort to win the ball in the opponents half as a tactical strategy
  • Tactical implications include triggers to decide Who, When, Where , How starts the Pressing in order to win the ball 
  • Organizing the confrontation line correctly to invite the opposing team to build out of the back or to forcing them into playing the ball long and win it then
  • Ultimately winning the ball in the attacking 3rdis  ideal, if not in middle 3rdand finally in own 3rd
  • Delegate defensive responsibilities to all players by position, #’s  9,10, 8, 7, 11, 6, 4, 5

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