Defending Warm Up 


A. Allplayers in 2 lines go thru a series of Dynamic Stretches:

  • Hamstrings;Quadriceps; Gluts; Lower Back
  • Adductors; Abductors Hip Flexors; 
  • Shoulders;  Calf Muscles


B. 2 partners with 1 ball

  • On Coach’s command, a player dribbles then switch.
  • They are going straight at each other no more than 10 yds. At a time.
  • At first its shadow, after a few reps it’s competitive and they try to dis-posses each other of the ball

OBJECTIVE:TO SET THE MENTALITY(It is critical that the Coach sets the right mentality to defend and win the ball)

  • Teach the players proper defensive stand and technique
  • Encourage body contact, use of body
  • Objective is to defend aggressively 
  • To win the ball and keep possession
  • To take pride in  defending individually and collectively

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