Midfield Play Model 1

Positioning game: 6 v 3

  • Grid of approximately 30m x 30m (dependent on level of players) 
  • 3 groups of 3; one group consisting of the midfield players #6-8-10 2 
  • 6 players (orange and blue) keep possession against 3 defenders (yellow) 
  • Always one ‘link’ player in the centre (preferably a midfielder) 
  • Provide 4 options (left; right; central and far) for the player on the ball through proper positioning 
  • When the group of 6 loses possession, the whole team of the player that turned over the ball must now defend 


  • Make grid bigger/smaller 
  • Free/limited touches 
  • Stop-start change of defenders 
  • ‘Flying’ change of defenders

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