Midfield Play Model 2

Game training component

  • Starting situation: 3 grids (A;B;C) players must stay in their designated area 
  • Every attack starts with a pass from orange #3 in grid A to one of the midfielders 
  • Orange midfielders #6-8-10 play in grid B against 2 opponents (3 v 2) and can use orange #9 in grid C as a ‘bouncer’ 
  • When one of the midfield players is free on the ball facing forward, they try to pass through one of the gates in grid C 
  • When the yellow midfielders #16 or #18 win the ball, they try to pass through one of the gates in grid A 

Progression 1: 

  1. Add another yellow player in grid B (3 v 3) 
  2. 3 v 3 in grid B. #3 orange is now allowed to dribble into grid B and create a numerical advantage (4 v 3)

Progression 2: 

  1. Remove the gates from grid C 
  2. Add a yellow defender (#13 yellow) in grid C against #9 orange. 
  3. One player from grid B can now enter into grid C to create a 2 v 1 situation 
  4. Finish on goal against a goalkeeper 

Progression 3: 

  1. Place the gates in grid A on back line 
  2. Add #4 orange and #19 yellow in grid A (2 v 1) 
  3. Every new action starts with the coach now serving the ball to orange #3 or #4 (see diagram) 
  4. If yellow recaptures the ball in grid A or B, #19 can score through the gates 

Progression 4: 

  1. Narrow the grids (width of the box)

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