1 v 1 Around the Goal


  • Half a soccer field
  • Line of defenders
  • Line of attackers

How This Drill Works:

This drill will have a line of defenders starting from behind the near post (out of bounds). There will be a line of offensive players about 5 yards from the corner starting on the sideline.

On the whistle, the defender will run around the back of the goal and come around to guard the offensive player.  The offensive player will begin dribbling toward the goal on the whistle.  The defenders must stop the offensive player from getting to the goal with the ball.


This is a great conditioning drill for the defenders. It also teaches them to move quickly and to make crisp cuts (since they need to run around the goal). Finally, the main point of this drill is to teach defenders to defend the end line and not let players dribble the ball down the line toward the goal.


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