Keep From Turning


  • 4 Defenders
  • 4 Offensive Players
  • 4 balls
  • Half a Soccer Field 

How This Drill Works:  

You will need 4 offensive and 4 defensive players on the field at the same time. Each of the offensive players will have a ball. 

The offensive players will line-up along the 18 with their backs to the goal.  The row of 4 players should extend from one goal post to the other goal post.  All offensive players should have their backs to the goal. 

One defender should cover each offensive player.  The defenders will be about a yard from their player and they should face the player’s back. So the defenders will be inside the 18 and have their backs to the goal too. 

On the whistle the offensive player will try to turn with the ball and shoot at the goal.  The defender will try to stop the offensive player by first taking the ball away and clearing it or by blocking the shot.


Many times offensive players have their back to the goal and they need to turn and fire a shot. This drill will help defenders learn to stop the shot from being taken. It will also help defend-ers learn to steal the ball, block shots, and clear the ball, especially near the goal.


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