Circle Passing – Warm Up


  • Organize the players  in  a  40-yard circle  with  four  cones  placed in  the  center  as shown  in the diagram.    
  • Start with  two  balls.    
  • Dribble  into  the  center square,  dribble  out  and  pass  to another  player,  then  take his  place on  the  circle perimeter. 

Add the  following conditions: 

  • Left/right  foot  only 
  • Perform  a  turn  in  the  center 
  • Change  of  pace,  go in  slow,  come  out  fast. 
  • Change direction 

Coaching  Points 

  • Don’t  let  gaps  appear  on  the circle perimeter 
  • Communicate,  and  move  around the  edge  to  fill  any  spaces 
  • Start with  two  balls  –  add or  take  away  balls  as  necessary 


Once the  player  has  been  through  the center  square,  instead  of  passing  the ball  to another  player,  the  receiving  player  ‘takes’  the ball  in  a  take-over  move. 


In  this  example,  player  A  dribbles  the  ball  into  the center  of  the circle and  passes to player  B.    Player  B  passes back  with one  touch to  player  A  who  then  passes one  touch to player  C.    Player  C  continues  the drill  by  dribbling  into  the center  of  the circle.    Again, start  with  two  balls  and adjust  accordingly.  

  This  exercise helps  build quick  play  around the  goalbox. 

Coaching  Points 

  • One-touch passes if  possible 
  • Always  be ready  ‘off’  the ball 
  • Fill  the gaps  around  the circle as  the players  move 
  • Be  aware of  where the other  balls  are  and  don’t  dribble to  that  area 
  • Try  to  increase the  speed  of  drill 
  • The  ‘set up’  pass  must be  of good  quality  to  allow  the  next player  to  pass  with  one touch 

This  exercise helps  the  following: 

  • Technical  –  pace  and angle  of  pass 
  • Fitness  –  sprinting,  running 
  • Mental  –  always thinking 

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