A1. Improve Game Aggressiveness Part 1

A1. Improve Game Aggressiveness 1hr 45min
Quote of the Session: “If you are first you are first. If you are second, you are nothing.”  Bill Shankly  – was a Scottish football player and manager, who is best known for his time as manager of Liverpool.
Warm Up/Agility 10 mins
Small Sided Game 15 mins
6 v 3
Six defenders keep possession away from three attackers. If the defenders make six passes it equals one goal. When the attackers win possession they can score in either goal. The game always restarts with a ball served by the coach. The service from the coach can manipulate how hard both attackers and defenders must work.
Change the three attacking players every 45 to 60 seconds.
Technical/Tactical 50 mins
Aggressiveness 1st Activity
The first part of the aggressiveness drills is to have an 8 x 8 grid for each two players in your group. The two players are working on shielding. One player starts with the ball and when the coach says “go” the other player tries to win the ball from the first player who is trying to keep the ball by shielding. If the second player wins the ball, then she tries to shield the ball for the remainder of the 10 seconds. The key is to emphasize that the player without the ball is trying to legally win the ball and that soccer is a CONTACT sport. This can be done as a competition where each player starts with the ball 10 times and then sees who has the ball the most times at the end of the 10 second periods. See the following diagram for the setup.

Coaching points

  • Side on with an open stance
  • Kneels bent for low centre of gravity
  • Arm out to keep defender at arms length at all times
Next, switch from 2 players to 3 players in a grid. Start with a player in each corner with the ball in the middle. When the coach says “go” each player tries to win the ball and keep it by shielding it from the other 2. This could also be done as a contest. If the ball goes outside of the grid, they all lose that battle. See the diagram above for this setup.
Aggressiveness 2nd Activity
Now that the players are used to winning the ball and keeping it, we now add winning the ball, keeping it, and then going to goal. Start with two lines approximately 25 yards from the goal. When the coach says “go” the first player in line A sprints around the goal going toward the post nearest her first. At the same time, the first player in line B goes around the goal toward the post closest to her. The ball is on the top of the 18 and the first player to the ball, wins it, shields it until she can find the opportunity to turn and then goes to goal. If the second player then wins the ball, she goes to goal. This drill works on conditioning, aggressiveness, shielding, finishing, goalkeeping, and defense. The coach should have the next two players in line start as soon as the two in front of them get near the ball. This drill can have as many as 12 field players going to one goal without there being too much standing around. See the diagram below for the setup. Coaching points

  • Side on with an open stance
  • Knees bent for low centre of gravity
  • Arm out to keep defender at arms length at all times
  • Approach the ball with speed, aggressive. 
  • Head up to assess when is the best time to turn. 
The last step in this progression is to have a 6 v 6 game with two goals on a small (40 x 30) field. The ball gets served into the middle and either team can win the ball and score on either goal. This will encourage the players to fight to win the ball since defending in this game is very difficult. Carefully watch for fouling as this game can get out of hand if not monitored properly.
Small Sided Game 30 mins
  • Two teams with goalkeepers.
  • Playing field of 40x20m
  • One goal at each end
Regular play with minimal coach intervention.

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