P3. Passing and First Touch

P3. Passing and First Touch
1hr 45min
Quote of the Session: A pass is a question. Do you have the answer? Have you done your homework?
Warm Up/Agility 10 mins
Small Sided Game 20 mins
7 v 7 Transfer Game
Two teams of players are assigned one half of the field. They’re also numbered one to seven. The coach passes the ball into one half of the field and two defenders move from the other half to try to win the ball. The team in possession receives one point for every five consecutive passes. The defending team is allowed to send an extra defender to pressure the ball each time the team in possession completes five passes.  Coaching Points

  • Constantly look around to acknowledge the position of your teammates and the other team’s players
  • Take first touch into space or towards you want to play.
  • Plan your move ahead of receiving the ball
Defenders win the ball
If the defenders win the ball they pass it to their teammates on the other half and start to connect passes. Only passes made in their attacking half of the field count. The attacking team should work to keep the ball in their half if a defender gets a touch or wins the ball. When the ball goes out of play for the first time player number one from each team sprints to a ball near the sideline. The first player to reach a ball starts passing to their teammates. Player number two sprints the next time and so on. The game continues for a set period of time or until a team reaches a certain score.
Technical/Tactical 45 mins
4 v 2 Plus 2 Possession Box
As an introduction to this drill have 3 players in line with 2 balls or 4 players with 2 balls in a star shape. In the first case the player in the middle returns the ball to the passer and turns to receive from the other passer. In the 2nd case the player in the middle takes a first touch towards the player on the outside without a ball to pass to and then turns towards the player with a ball to receive.

In one box 4 white players attempt to keep the ball away from 2 red players, with an additional two red players serving as target players. The exact opposite is occurring in the other box. The teams of four attempt to keep possession of the ball while the team of two attempt to win the ball and successfully play the ball into either of their two target players. Coach should make this exercise competitive by seeing which group of two can get the ball to their target player three times quickest.

Coaching Points

First Activity

  • Focus on the position of the support leg: foot should be pointing in the direction of the player wants the ball to go.
  • Look at the ball, head steady.
  • Locked ankle
  • Toes pointing down for instep or outside of the foot pass and they are pointing up for inside of the foot pass.
  • Follow through.

Second Activity

  • Quick passing
  • 1st touch into space
  • Playing into a target
  • Defending
  • Transition
Divide the team into two groups of 8. Create two 15x 15 boxes with a two discs 5 yards vertically outside the box (as pictured). Coaches should stand in between the two boxes with a supply of balls.

: After both defending and being target players for a series, teams should switch roles. This will give each group two segments of possession, one turn of defending, and one turn as targets. Coach can have players do everything a second time.

Note: Coach should adjust numbers accordingly. Example- If you have 10 players, only use one field and play 5v3 with 2 targets.
Small Sided Game 30 mins
  • Two teams with goalkeepers.
  • Playing field of 40x20m
  • One goal at each end
Regular play with minimal coach intervention.

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